Discrimination in America: Teatro Sin Paredes' Forum Theatre

Devin has joined the cast of the Performing Arts Studio and Teatro Sin Paredes’ 2018/2019 season of The Forum Theatre directed by Victor Maraña and David Psalmon who has worked and studied with Augusto Boal, the originator of Forum Theatre itself. From the Performing Arts Studio’s website: "Discrimination in America is a collage of scenes that portray different situations of oppression that minorities fight against every day: Racism, gender inequality, LGBTQ discrimination, sexual abuse, among others, are issues that are unfortunately raising in our society day by day. Our goal is to portray several situations that reflect these issues and perform them in front of vulnerable communities to give them a voice and a space to experiment with possible solutions to these oppressions. Our company performs in different spaces around the city, from schools to prisons.“