Show Your Flames goes to iO's Bentwood Comedy Festival

Devin's one man show, Show Your Flames, comes to the Chris Farley Cabaret at iO Chicago as a part of the first ever Bentwood Comedy Festival.

A sight, sound and experience of the century! The reviews are in! Read what viewers from Chicago and Toronto alike have to say about Show Your Flames, and also read what Toronto's journalists has to say from Mooney on Theatre, and My Entertainment World (We scored an “A”!)!

Show Your Flames is a Bo Burnham warrior riding a David Lynch-ian tiger into all-out war. This show makes one thing clear: Devin Sanclemente is a freak! Pure magic! Devin casts a spell on his audience, guiding you to his otherworldly point of view; his wonderland lens before you even forget you’re watching a show: In a world dictated by strict conformity, the road to true self-discovery can be nearly impossible to navigate. Fueled by pain, rejection, and confusion, people hide behind self-destructive masks in pursuit of an ever-lasting idea of who one should be, and never realize who one truly is. With a mind that works so drastically different from the societal norm, Devin Sanclemente has decided to finally try on the mask himself… but at what cost?